A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Drapery Hardware (Curtain Rods, Panels, Accents and more)

Drapery hardware can contribute a great deal to the general appeal of your home and serve its functional and decorative needs as it supports curtains or drapes. From curtain rods to brackets, rings and finials the right kind of drapery hardware can make a major impact on how your window treatments look as well as feel. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing drapery rod for your home:

Drapery hanging from single curtain rod

Style and Aesthetic Appeal

At FilFabric, we strive to give your home or office a unique look with our exclusive collection of fabrics and mounting equipment. We have a wide selection of quality materials that we'll use to create unique drapery that will add an elegant look to any room. When shopping for window treatment hardware, the overall style of your interior decor must be considered. Use rod hardware that matches the color scheme, materials and finishes in your room for a unified custom look.

Style and Aesthetic Appeal

Types of Curtain Rods and Drapery Hardware

Curtain Rods: Choose according to style, thickness and material, such as wrought iron or wooden poles. Select from different styles of single or double rods, traverse rods for large drapes, and decorative ones to enhance the attractiveness of your curtains.

Finials: These decorative drapery hardware end pieces are attached to rod ends, bringing a finishing touch. From simple to fancy designs, finials, especially in our exclusive kirsch drapery collection, can add much to the way of appearance.

Brackets and Rings: Make sure to determine what type and design of brackets you will need to hold up your curtain rod as they should match the style or weight of your curtains. Rings along with a well selected rod set also help in enhancing the function and sophistication of your curtains. Wooden curtain rings are a popular option this season.

Curtain Hardware Finishes, Rods, Double Rod, Single Rod, motorize

Types of Drapery Hardware

Drapery Rod Material and Finish

Opt for good quality materials that you like and match the interior design of a room. Typical materials used for custom drapery rods include metal, wood, wrought iron, or acrylic. Finishes such as brushed nickel, matte black finish or brass and bronze can be applied to elevate the overall look.

Designer drapery hardware is usually of higher quality and offers more unique and luxurious designs, often from well-known and respected brands in the interior design industry.

elevate bronze cornice

Material and Finish

Decorative traverse rods 

Are a type of window hardware were a user pulls on a string to open and close the curtains.

Rod Size and Proportion

Make sure that your drapery hardware has proportions in line with the size of your windows and curtains. Thicker drapery rods and robust curtain hardware are essential for larger rooms with taller windows; smaller rooms exhibit best when they feature lighter options.

woman looking through curtain fabric looking for the perfect one

Size and Proportion

Functionality and Compatibility

Contemplate the operation of your custom curtain hardware in relation to the type of window treatment you are opting for. Ensure your chosen curtain style is compatible with the kirsch curtain hardware you’re using whether it be pleated, grommet-top, rod pocket, tab-top curtains or our specially designed drapery panels.

Installation and Durability

At FilFabric we install custom curtains with safety first in our priority chain. We understand that you trust us to make sure you home is as safe as it is beautiful. Select hardware that is easy to install and sturdy. Proper installation of kirsch curtain hardware, including your drapery rod, ensures durability and safeguards you from accidents or damage caused by falling drapes.

Man installing curtain hardware (drapery hardware) - cornice

Installation and Durability

Budget Consideration

Establish a budget that will help you make choices with your drapery hardware from our exclusive collection. Depending on your budget, our customer-friendly offerings include different options available to find the curtain hardware that best suits your style without sacrificing quality. Motorized systems are not always easy to fit into a tight budget but we can help you find the perfect system if you let us help. 

Example of budget consideration for your curtain purchase

Budget Consideration


The right selection of drapery hardware from our exclusive collection is based on both aesthetic considerations and practical needs. Carefully examining the use of style, materials, size, functionality and budget you’ll be able to browse our high-quality drapery hardware that beautifully adds to your home décor while serving its intended purpose.

 Know that drapery hardware is both a functional need and an artistic feature in your house. Fixating on the details and coordinating your hardware with room décor will give you a striking stylish appearance that completes all of it.